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Creating art through graphics, photography, and accessible websites.

Our Services

We come from small-business-world where you learn to do a lot of things on your own. So, we've built up a lot of services we can provide. But the biggest service we can offer is general problem solving. We believe it's the best part of the small business life!

Graphic of a computer and phone screen


  • Web Development

  • Web Design

  • Accessibility Audits

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  • Artwork

  • Print Materials

  • Digital Materials

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  • Branding

  • Copy and Statements

  • Business Development

Our Services
Banner with sketches of an octopus, an axolotl, and a capybara with the words "Art by Argiope Studio".

Our Art

After creating art for other businesses, we've started selling our own on Etsy! We specialize in minimalist sketches of animals and pets. Our content is based on less-than-ordinary animals, dry humor, and activism. Our art is currently being sold as posters, mugs, stickers, and a few other items. But most of our designs are available for purchase as downloadable pieces if you want something you don't see listed!

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