About Us

\ ärˈjīə(ˌ)pē\
The genus of spiders known for developing intricate and alluring web designs
Argiope Studio
\ ärˈjīə(ˌ)pē\ ˈstü-dē-(ˌ)ō
What happens when a Zoology major becomes a web developer

Who are we?

We're creators. We love creating art, building new businesses, and launching new ideas. There's a special thrill that comes with new projects and we would love to share that with you!

"I'm a life-long creator and problem solver. Growing up, I was always dabbling in some type of art, spanning from sketching to writing and everything in between. I'm the type of person that has a closet full of various craft boxes, each one housing a different medium. Which means I never wound up with 1 mastered skill, but several."

Owner, Developer
Christina Tallman