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When a Zoology major becomes a Designer.

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Graphic of a web site layout showing 3 blocks of blue to represent columns, purple lines for text, and a purple box highlighted in pink with a pink arrow pointing at it.

Our Art on Etsy

We are a print-on-demand company specializing in digital art around biology, zoology, dry humor, and a few causes. All our products are priced with free shipping. For those that need cheaper gifts, or want to print something you don't see, we offer most of our designs as downloads.

As the multipotentialites we are, we don't necessarily focus on one topic.

What do we sell?

To give everyone a chance at a piece of art, we have a wide range of gifts at different price points. We also offer a lot of designs as downloads with open usage rights to allow you to make whatever you want!

These are just a few examples of what we got!

A person is holding an enamel white mug with decorations of a pika on the side of a mountainLogo for the Central North Carolina Swim FoundationLogo for Gypsy DiversLogo for Airtech Scuba Services

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