Our Accessibility Statement

Argiope Studio has a strong interest in providing digital and physical accessibility to everyone. We aim to have a website that is friendly and easy to use for everyone, no matter their disability or internet usage and knowledge.


This website was built with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in mind, which were written to guide designers and developers towards a more inclusive web environment.


This website relies on JavaScript to work with the combination of the web browser and any assistive technologies or plugins you may need.

If you do not need assistive technologies, but choose to not use JavaScript, a few minor things will not work. For any forms you cannot fill out, please contact us and we can do it over the phone. Most other things that require JavaScript are for design purposes and should not impede your use of our site.


We welcome feedback on our website’s accessibility! If you encounter or notice any potential barriers, please reach out! We are always willing to grow in our knowledge to provide a more inclusive environment and welcome the ability to improve ourselves and our company. Contact us with anything we missed or information for improvement.